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Third Alarm Coffee Co. is the official coffee of the FCSN. We are proud to partner up with such an incredible organization. The FCSN is a nonprofit 501(C) 3 tax-exempt foundation founded in 2006 by a firefighter that was diagnosed with cancer. The FCSN has grown to become a nationally recognized organization helping firefighters and their families across the nation in cancer prevention, awareness, support and assisting when firefighters are diagnosed with cancer.

The objective of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) is to provide timely assistance to all fire service members and their families in the event of cancer diagnosis.

They maintain and continuously update a roster of mentors who have personal experience with many types of cancers who will personally guide you through the process of dealing with your specific illness. In addition to our mentor program, they are always in need of volunteers to assist us by helping to support our various committees, specialized task programs, member support activities and specialized events they are asked to attend.

The FCSN also provides awareness to fire service members and their families about the importance of cancer prevention and screening by coordinating educational opportunities with various health programs. They do not provide legal or medical advice but can provide assistance and guidance for other support options such as behavioral health services, fire service organizations, Fire Service Chaplains, and other cancer support programs. The FCSN is in collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the Live Strong Foundation.

The mission of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network is to provide Fire Department members and their families with an opportunity to receive assistance when dealing with cancer.

Together we can provide comfort, strength, and hope through our own experiences in dealing with the devastating effects of cancer.

Together we can educate Fire Department members regarding the importance of cancer screenings and early detection.

Together we can promote an awareness that cancer does not have to be dealt with alone.

Together we can make a difference.

Firefighter Cancer statistics

• Brain cancer: 3.5 times more likely in firefighters with 10 to 19 years of experience.

• Leukemia/lymphoma: three times more likely.

• Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: two times more likely.

• Multiple myeloma: 2.25 times more likely; after 30 years, 10 times.

• Bladder cancer: three times more likely.

• Kidney cancer: four times more likely.

• Prostate cancer: two times more likely.

• Testicular cancer: 2.5 times more likely.

• Colorectal cancer (large intestine): two times more likely.

• Liver cancer: two times more likely.

• Skin cancer: two times more likely. (3)


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